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Woo hoo, the proofreader has finished. She came in 13 days early. The publishing company will now make the changes in the next few days. It comes back to me for a quick once-over and then it goes for uploading to the distributor. I’ll be ordering a bunch of copies and then it will initially be available on Amazon.com and several weeks later on BarnesandNoble.com. Price is $12.99. I can’t wait for all of you to be able to read it. I would say it will be ready in just about two weeks! Thank you for all your support.



Last week I picked up the proof, which is the actual first print of the manuscript, cover and all. They did a great job with the cover, and I was extremely pleased with it. In my opinion it has good visual appeal. So I have to admit when I took it out of the envelope and saw it in the form of an actual book, it made me cry. It may not be Pulitzer material, but it’s my creation. It is still in the final proof edit stage with the professional. I have been asked to review it again, make a list of corrections and submit it back to the publisher. Should be ready very soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of weeks and doing my rain dance too. Let’s hope the three digit heat they are talking about for this week does not become a reality and we get some much needed rain.  Have a lovely week.


Just wanted to share with all of you my most recent news. The cover has been finalized. We now have the front, back and spine. The text setup for the interior pages has also been completed. All of this took place this past week. This is getting exciting! The edit version is in the hands of the editor for this final phase. She is hoping to expedite it so I can get it out for a summer read. So many reviews need to take place! This week I should be able to pick up a first “proof” before the final edit. Although I am not 100% sure, I believe this would be a printed version. This will also go to the editor. Right now she only has the PDF version because she wanted to get started. My other great news is that the owners of the small salon here in Lake Zurich where I get my hair done is excited to have a book signing set up for me as a new, local author. In my thinking, this may be advantageous not only to me, but also may drum up more business for them for those just walking in. Hope you like the cover!

This weekend is the annual Chicago Lit Fest. I was hoping to be in print by this weekend, but I guess not. If the cover had been finalized, my plan was to be present at Windy City’s tent (my publishing company) and hand out sell sheets. No cover, no sell sheet. Maybe I should be happy I’m not there? It is too hot! As they say, things happen for a reason. One of my chapters takes place at this event! I was also hoping to see Dr. Dale Coy. He is part of our writers’ forum at WC. When I saw his name, I didn’t realize that it was the Dale Coy from Barrington. Yes, the colonoscopy doctor that I am familiar with. Seems kind of funny. This coming week the cover should be finalized and then it goes to what they call “galley” which then goes for the final proofread. I’m trying to push this along…

This week I’ve been promised final mockups for my cover. Writing is the easiest part. It is all the “stuff” that comes after like editing, editing, editing and figuring out what cover coveys the story as well as what will grab the most readership interest. Just so you are not disappointed, I chose not to go the “Fabio” route with a naked man but something more interesting that leaves your imagination to do it’s own thing. Of course, once we’ve got it I’ll post it so you all can see it.

What a most gorgeous weekend we are having. Enjoy this beautiful weather.


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